Health And Wellness

The Mango Man Diet

Huge Target Market with 5 Major Demographics who want to be Healthy = Trim and Fit. Dr. Wayne Pickering, The Mango Man, Has Been Helping People All Over The World To Lose Weight And Attain The Best Health Of Their Lives For More Than 30 Years.

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X-Pain Program

Self Help program teaching people how to remove back pain at home and to maintain a healthy spine. Combines muscle balancing, joint balancing, reflexes and acupressure.

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Hypnosis Weight Loss MP3 Set

Have you tried to make changes and failed time and time again? Perhaps you have made some changes, but they don’t last. Maybe you feel blocked or you keep sabotaging yourself and you don’t know why. You may even feel like you are not motivated and it is affecting your Self worth. The key to REAL change is in your subconscious mind. You have the ability to create permanent change from the inside out!

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30-Second Ab Solution

It IS possible to get a flatter stomach in just 30 seconds using the powerful training techniques and exercises found in the "30-Second Ab-Solution". You'll learn 18 simple exercises that you can do literally ANYWHERE...even at work or at help you get a flatter stomach. It's's easy...and it WORKS.

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Mindzoom Software

Discover The Revolutionary Software That Will Reprogram Your MIND And BODY Automatically. Placing Thousands Of Positive Affirmations Directly In Your Brain, FAST AND EASY. Imagine Accomplishing Your Goals Right Now At The Touch Of a Button on Your PC

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Eat Clean To Stay Lean Program

Eat Clean to Stay Lean is your new Lifestyle Meal Plan. You need nothing else but this Program if you want to learn why eating clean is so important for your health & then let me teach you exactly how to do it on your own. This program walks you through the simple steps that anyone can follow.

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From Mom to Fitness Model

An amazing 24 page pdf ebook on how to get in shape after pregnency.It contains a biographt,home excercises nutrition advice and recipes,giving you a step by step guide on how you can transform your body and look fabulous.

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